What is it? Answers CXXVIII

Thursday, August 03, 2006

732. Saw jointer, used to level the teeth on rip and crosscut handsaws.

733. Router plane, missing the blade and part of the body.

734. Golf ball retriever, on a shaft that telescopes from 3'-6" to 9'-6".

This one is well designed, you don't scoop the ball with it, just place the cup over the ball and lift, the small projection keeps the ball in place.

735. Phone system lights, could tell if a phone is being used or in the case of multiple phones, which one is ringing. Also, in a loud environment they would alert someone to a call.

736. "Goerlich Muffler Tool No. T200", "Pat. No. 2176626, Other Pat. pending"

737. Lazy Dog missile, similar to a flechette, other examples can be seen here.

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